The Anything and Everything Character Questionnaire

Ahoy, fellow authors! Having a hard time getting to know your characters? Step 1: Read this delightful post on the topic. Step 2: Try sitting your fictional friends down for a lengthy chat. Feel free to use the compilation of questions below to get you started. Ask as much or as little as you wish, and see what your characters have to say for themselves; their answers may well surprise the both of you. Happy discovery!

Basic Stats:



            Meaning of Name:

            Origin of Name:



            Blood Type:

            Astrological Sign/Chinese Zodiac:




            Sexual Orientation:

            Marital/Dating Status:

            Political Party:

            Police/Criminal/Legal Record:

            Social Class as a Child:

            Social Class as an Adult:

            Birth Date:

            Birth Place:

            Current Residence:






Past History:


            First Memory:

            Most Important Childhood Event that Still Affects Him/Her, How/Why:

            Other Memories that Still Affect Him/Her, Why/How:

            Past Failures S/He Would Be Embarrassed to Have People Know About, and Why:

            Biggest Role Model and Why:

            Biggest Disillusions from Childhood:



Physical Characteristics:







            Widow’s Peak?:





            Face Shape:


            Describe His/Her Smile:




            Ambidextrous, Right-, or Left-Handed:

            Distinguishing Features:

            Who Does S/He Take After, Mother or Father?:

            Style (Elegant, Shabby, etc.):

            How Does S/He Dress, What Does S/He Typically Wear?:

            Other Outfits One Might Find In His/Her Wardrobe:

            Jewelry and/or Other Accessories:



            Physical Flaws:

            Physical Qualities:


Other Characteristics:

            Is S/He Generally Balanced or Clumsy?:

            Describe His/Her Mannerisms/Poses/Movement:

            Describe His/Her Walk:


            Speech Patterns:

            Unique Phrases:

            Does He/She Curse, and If So, to What Extent?:

            Describe His/Her Voice:

            Describe His/Her Sleep Patterns:

            Describe His/Her Eating Patterns:

            Describe His/Her House/Dwelling:

            Describe His/Her Bedroom:

            Describe His/Her Daily Rituals:


Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes:

            Intelligence Level:

            Known Languages:

            Long-Term Goals/Desires in Life:

            Short-Term Goals/Desires in Life:

            Secret Desires:

            How Confident is S/He?:

            How Does S/He See Him/Herself?:

            How Does S/He Believe S/He is Perceived by Others?:

            What is S/He Most Proud Of?:

            What Does S/He Like Least About Him/Herself?:

            How Does S/He Express Him/Herself?:

            Is S/He Generally Dominant or Submissive?:

            Describe His/Her Level of Patience:

            Does S/He Seem Ruled by Emotion or Logic of Some Combination Thereof?:

            Most At Ease When:

            Ill At Ease When:

            Describe His/Her Sense of Humor:

            If Granted One Wish, What Would it Be and Why?:

            Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths:

            Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws:

            If S/He Could be Described with One of the Seven Virtues, Which Would it Be?:

            If S/He Could Be Described with One of the Seven Sins, Which Would It Be?:

            Biggest Vulnerability (non physical):

            Optimist or Pessimist:

            Greatest Fear:

            Other Fears/Phobias:

            Emotional/Psychological/Social Peculiarities:

            Biggest Regret:

            Other Regrets:

            Biggest Accomplishment:

            Minor Accomplishment:

            Musical Talents/Instruments:

            Any Deep, Dark Secrets:





            Favorite Color:

            Favorite Clothing:

            Favorite Place and Why:

            Favorite Room in the House and Why:

            Favorite Food/Drink:

            Favorite Music Genre:

            Favorite Song and Singer/Band:

            Favorite Movie/TV Show/Performance:

            Favorite Actor/Performer:

            Favorite Book:

            Favorite Historical Figure:

            Favorite Subject in School:

            Favorite Animal:

            Least Favorite Clothing:

            Least Favorite Place:

            Least Favorite Food/Drink:

            Least Favorite Music Genre:

            Least Favorite Subject in School:

            Simple Pleasures:

            Greater Pleasures:

            Where Does S/He Hang Out?:

            Where Is His/Her Dream Place to Live?:

            Motto/Personal Quote:

            Mode of Transportation:

            Most Prized Possession and Why:


Emotional Characteristics:

            Describe His/Her Sense of Morals:

            What Does S/He Consider Taboo (Something S/He Personally Would Never Do):

            Describe His/Her Etiquette:

            Describe His/Her Sense of Self-Control:

            Spontaneous or Structured?:

            Instinctual or Logical?:

            How Does S/He Act in Public?:

            How Does S/He Act in Privacy?:

            How Does S/He Act Around Strangers vs. How S/He Acts Around Friends?:

            How Does S/He Act Around Family?:

            How Has S/He Most Changed from Youth?:

            How Has S/He Remained the Same?:

            Has S/He Dealt with the Loss of Someone S/He Knew?:

            If Yes, Whom, and How Has It Affected Him/Her?:

            How Does S/He Deal With/React To Conflict/Danger?:








            …Peer pressure?:


            …Being Wrong?:

            …Being Criticized?:

            …Being Insulted (like, name calling, etc)?:

            …Offending Others?:


            …Being Loved?:

            …Being Hated?:


            How Does S/He Express Anger?:







            …Dislike (of a person, thing, or idea)?:

            …Approval (of a person, thing, or idea)?:

            How Does S/He Generally Express Himself?:

            What Does S/He Think/Feel About Marriage?:


            …Family/Family Values?:


            …Old Age?:



            …Friendship/Other Relationships?:


            …The Opposite Sex?:

            …The Same Sex?:

            …Money/Material Things?:





            …Racism/Races in General?:





            …His/Her Past?:

            …His/Her Future?:

            …His/Her Role in Society/Job/Etc.?:

            …Drugs and Alcohol?:



            …The Foreign/Unknown?:

            How Does S/He View Life?:

            How Does S/He View Death?:

            How Does S/He View Society?:

            How Does S/He Imagine His/Her Own Death?:

            What Does S/He Want Out of Life?:

            What Does S/He Consider “Success” To Be?:

            What Would S/He Like to Change in His/Her Life?:

            What Motivates Him/Her and Why?:

            What Discourages Him/Her and Why?:

            What Makes Him/Her Happy and Why?:

            What Makes Him/Her Sad and Why?:

            What Makes Him/Her Angry and Why?:

            What Humiliates Him/Her?:

            What Most Describes His/Her Personality?:

            Psychoanalysis (Describe Why S/He Acts the Way S/He Does):

            Does it Stem from Childhood or an Event, or Chemical?:


Relationships With Others:

            Relationship Skills:





            Other Lovers:

            First Crush – Who Was it?:

            How Did it Start?:

            Did It Last?:

            Best Friends:







            What Kind of Person Would S/He Consider to be the Perfect Partner?:

            How Is S/He Perceived by Strangers?:

            …By Friends?:

            …By Coworkers/Colleagues?:

            …By Lovers/Partners?:

            …By Family?:

            What Happens to Change This Perception, if at all?:

            Is S/He Judgmental of Others, and To What Extent?:

            Describe His/Her Sense of Trust:

            What Type of Individuals Does S/He Like or Associate With?:

            How Does S/He Treat Members of the Opposite Sex?:

            How Does S/He Treat Members of the Same Sex?:

            What Do Family/Friends Like Most About Him/Her?:

            What Do They Like Least About Him/Her?:


Sex/Romantic Life:

            What Does S/He Consider to be a Romantic Setting/Activity/Date?:

            What Did S/He Do On His First Date?:

            How Does a Typical Date Go For Him/Her?:

            How Would S/He Like to Propose/Be Proposed To?:

            Has S/He Lost His Virginity?:

            If Yes, When?:

            Was it Consensual?:

            How Has This Affected Him/Her?:

            How Did S/He Feel Afterwards?:

            How Sexual Is S/He?:

            How Does S/He Feel Emotionally After Sex?:

            Does S/He Have Self Control Around Individuals of His/Her Sexual Desire?:

            Does Sex Play an Important Role in His/Her Relationships and to What Extent?:




            Sexual Peculiarities/Flaws:

            Sexual Perks:

            Usually on the Top or the Bottom?:



            What If S/He Was an Animal? What Would S/He Be and Why?:

            What if S/He Was the Opposite Sex? What Would S/He Do?:

            What if S/He Could be Characterized by an object – What Would S/He Be and Why?:

            What If S/He were Confronted with Someone with an Identical Personality as Him/Herself? What Would S/He Do?:

            What if S/He Became Physically Handicapped? What Would S/He Do?:

            What If S/He were Placed in a New and Unfamiliar Environment/Country/ Planet, whatever – What Would S/He Do?:

            What Song Best Fits Him/Her?:

            If You Could Compare Him/Her to an Existing Character (physically or personality-wise), who would it Be and Why?:

            If You could Choose an Actor/Voice Actor for Him/Her, Who Would it Be?:

            Who/What Inspired This Character and In What Ways?:

Looking for other resources in this vein? ^^ Try:


6 thoughts on “The Anything and Everything Character Questionnaire

    • I’m glad you found it so! I came across the questions online (wish I remembered exactly where so I could link back and give due credit, but it was years ago) and have spent many a joyous hour taking my own characters through it. ^.^

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