The Stranger-Than-True Book Club

stt book club logo

The Members (in order of club logo appearance):

Uri – skater girl and Fire of God from the “Inspired” novels

Lucianíel – light elemental, muse, and fictional father figure from the “Inspired” novels

Marion Hood – First Lady of Sherwood’s Merry Men from the Outlaws of Avalon, STT Book Club moderator

Laraspur – Princess of Denebdeor/Queen of Welken from The Wilderhark Tales

Nicky Ellenbogen-Jones – genderless super ghost-whisperer from “So Super Dead


The Meetings:

Jan. 11/19 – Let’s Get #KrakenBook (re: “Deathsong of the Deep“, Part One)

Jan. 18/19 – Deeper into the Deathsong  (Part Two)

May 3/19 – I Would or Wouldn’t Do That, If I Were You (re: What if the STT members swapped character roles? Part One)

May 10/19 – The ‘What If?’ Game’s Still Afoot (Part Two)

Jun. 28/19 – Radical Girls and Pre-Revision Boys (re: “Windows and Sol: A Bard’s Beginning“, heroines / female characters / chicks in fic, Part One)

Jul. 5/19 – How to Hero[ine] (Part Two)