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Click here to journey into Wilderhark.

Tour-o'-the-Lute, Wilderhark



9 thoughts on “THE WILDERHARK TALES (Novellas)

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  2. Pft. I got a couple of those wrong. Mostly Peasequay which I pronounced “Pea-sa-queek-ay”. I’m not sure why I aded that “queek” part. lol XD Besides the more commons ones, I’m proud I got Rosalba, Villem, and Wilderhark right at least. Glad you have this! I always like it when these are in the back of the books when I’m reading. 😀

    • *lols at the fun of “Pea-sa-queek-ay*
      Maybe for the future Wilderhark volumes, I’ll include the guide in the back, just to be on the considerate side. It wouldn’t be much trouble on my end, and if only one reader is overjoyed to see it, I call that well worthwhile!
      (Tee-hee — or “well worth Wyle”, for those who’ve got “Stone Kingdom” on the brain.)

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