“Favorite” or “Literary Folk I Adore and/or Admire… and, Oh Yeah, Those People Who Wrote Them”

The ship’s rail at my back. A blade at my throat. Sweat beads on my brow as I strive not to swallow. My eyes locked on the pair glinting opposite mine, I croak, “What d’ye want of me, ye soulless scalawag?!”

Leaning in so close I can sniff the rum on her mind, the dread captain snarls, “Who are your favorite authors and why?

For such are the life-and-death questions presented to we who sail under the flag of the jolly Buccaneer Blogfest.

Now, I don’t know how most people settle on their favorite authors, but me? I’m a character nut. So if an author writes a book that introduces me to a character I love, that author’s earned him/herself some serious “liked or preferred above all others; regarded with special favor” points. That being said, let’s compile a quick list – say, the first three I feel like writing about.

Author: Rachel Aaron. Book(s): The Spirit Thief and sequels. Character(s): Eli Monpress.

I’ve raved about his book here, and I’ll rave about another of his books two days from now, but to succinctly summarize, wizard thief Eli Monpress is my literary crush du jour, and I love Rachel Aaron for having written him into my life. I like a bunch of her other characters, too, when I can pry my attention away from Eli. And I like Rachel’s style – light, humorous adventure-fantasy that doesn’t take itself too seriously…unless things are getting serious, in which case they get serious hardcore, and you may be up all night turning pages. What I’ve seen of her on the internet has also convinced me that she’s just a generally awesome person. So take it all round, I’m a shameless Rachel Aaron fan.

Author: Robin McKinley. Book(s): The Outlaws of Sherwood. Character(s): The eponymous outlaws of Sherwood.

If memory serves, this was the book that made me go limp and doe-eyed over all things Robin Hood. I’ve read and enjoyed other work from her, as well (“Beauty” and “Sunshine” come to mind), but none of them took over my imagination the way “Outlaws” has. I’m not even sure I can properly express why I love her take on the Merry Men so much. I just got this really great sense of camaraderie – and it blended so beautifully with the way she presented their world, so that story and characters felt inseparable to me, if that makes a lick of sense to anybody – to the point where part of me wanted to go back to the days of King Richard and get myself run off my lands by Nottingham’s Sheriff, just so I could chill in the greenwood with Robin and the gang. I try not to let that part of me do the decision-making.

Author: Tirzah Duncan. Book(s): “Ever Actor”, plus some short stories. Character(s): Syawn, and Rowtan.

Sometimes I’m so busy considering her my best friend and writing buddy, I forget that she’s a legit author, too. An as-yet unpublished author, true, but no less an author for that. And in fact, I don’t know that we would have ever met, were it not for her novel’s MC, Sy. But fortune smiled upon me, for I read a quick bio about a thief lord whose name meant “fox”, and I was all over it. (This post is perhaps being too subtle about it for all but the keenest to grasp, but I have a pronounced attraction to thieves. …And I like foxes.) It was only after further familiarizing myself with her book (which has a new Facebook page, didja know?) that I likewise became a fan of her powerful mage, Rowtan. And now I hang with all three of them all the time in our imaginary pillow fort. Wouldn’t it be the coolest if we could do that with all our favorite authors? (:

Which literary faves would you hang in a pillow fort with, if you could?

4 thoughts on ““Favorite” or “Literary Folk I Adore and/or Admire… and, Oh Yeah, Those People Who Wrote Them”

  1. The Spirit Thief sounds like a lot of fun, and right up my alley. I’ll have to check it out. Oh my, checking out all these wonderful authors everyone is posting about is growing my reading list lonnnnnng. And, as Jamie says, your intro was blooming brilliant ye bonny lass!

    • Aye, ’tis as jolly a book as ever I read this year; I think ye’ll enjoy it!
      And thankee, mate. *sweeps feathered tricorn down in a bow* ‘Twere a giggle to write. (:

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