“HYSRT!” or “The Glass is 2/3rds Full”

As of now, National Novel Writing Month is one-third over. How’s that novel coming, Wrimos?!

…What’s that? Novelist #1 has stalled? Novelist #2 is in a motivation slump? Novelist #3 hasn’t even gotten started??

Dear, dear. Difficult situations, to be sure, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome! You doubt me? Then I would suggest that, hey, y’all should read this.

Not far from this time of the month during last year’s noveling November, she known on the NaNo site as “eehornburg” wrote this piece for her blog, Love Woke Me Up This Morning. Entitled “Go Write Your Novel”, it speaks of the midseason writing struggles with which many of us can relate, and includes a video with a pre-November perspective which could be just the inspiration somebody out there needs to jump back into their languishing novel headfirst – or to actually begin it, for those who’ve dithered over whether or not to attempt this worldwide 50K-in-30-Days madness.

November is young, writers! 10 days gone? Pshaw, 20 days remaining, more like! If you think you’ve got a novel revving its engine inside of you, just waiting for you to give it the green light so it can speed toward completion the way I never hope to see any of you driving on the freeway, then Hey, You Should Write It!

For that sizeable demographic that can’t put words on paper without their coffee, here’s hoping their mugs are at least 2/3rds full, too.

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