“Multifaceted” or “Looking for Versatile Ways to Celebrate Versatility”

For the fourth time in Ever On Word’s history, I have been awarded kudos as a Versatile Blogger! For those who’ve forgotten or never knew, here are this particular award’s entourage of rules, shared verbatim from the post that nominated me, fairytale/folklore news source, The Grimm Report:


Number One: List the rules and regulations of this time honored tradition.

Number Two: Display the badge of the Versatile Blogger Award for all the world to covet.

Number Three: Include a link back to the blogger who was able to spot your genius.

Number Four: Divulge seven (7) interesting facts about yourself.

Number Five: Nominate fifteen (15) others for this outstanding achievement.

The gratification that my fellow bloggers wish thus to acknowledge me never fades. The handling of the award’s acceptance, on the other hand, grows more challenging every time. The fact that finding over a dozen new bloggers to nominate just isn’t going to happen for me today aside, how to keep my response fresh and interesting when we’ve done it all before? After all, if people are going to keep thinking of me as versatile, I’ve gotta walk the walk.

Today’s solution: Focus on one of “versatile”s fine synonyms – “multifaceted” – by listing words representing seven facets of my personality, with the catch that the first word will have one syllable, the second will have two, the third will have three, and so on. I’m sure there’s a word to describe why I love turning list-making into a word puzzle game, but let’s not spend too long dwelling on that. We’ve got other words to explore!

1 = Vague. I use this in the “indistinctly felt, perceived, understood, or recalled; hazy” sense. I don’t really get me. Even having lived with me all my life, I’m still trying to figure myself out. …or, more accurately, I’ve only recently started trying to figure myself out. I’d find it more interesting if I were a fictional character I planned to write a novel about, but I’ll give it what I’ve got regardless.

2 = Trusty. You can count on me to be count-on-able! …Not necessarily when it comes to using real words, obviously. But I’m a gal who takes her vows seriously. Which is why I’ve learned to be selective in making promises.

3 = Affected. …As in, easily-. It can take next to nothing to rocket me up to the thermosphere of joy, and just as little to bring me crashing back to earth. My body can shake with a character’s anger, even as my heart’s doing flips because, gosh darn it, that character looks so crazy cute when he’s furious. The weather, the background noise, whatever that thing was that happened three hours ago… it all influences me, for better or worse.

4 = Fastidious. From the arrangement of words to the arrangement of a sandwich, I’m a Goldilocks who wants everything to be just right.

5 = Inconceivable! I don’t mean what you think I mean. (This all goes back to me being easily-affected. By unrelenting memes.)

Ironically, “pop-culture sellout” also has five syllables. -_-
Ironically, “pop-culture sellout” also has five syllables. -_-

6 = Overcomplicating. Y’know, like I’ve done with this list. Couldn’t just list my seven favorite fruits or character crushes, oh, no…

7 = Sentimentalization. If it’s a crime, I’m guilty of it a lot. What can I say? I’m a dreamy romantic who loves an emotional high.

And that, readers, is just a part of what contributes to multifaceted me.

As for the 15 nominations rule, here’s what I’m going to do instead: Every nominee that I’ve named for this award the past three times I received it will get their names linked here again*. But I’m not going to swing by their blogs and officially yell, “Tag!” So theirs shall be all of the exposure of the award, minus all the responsibility. (Proving that either exposure and great power are not the same thing, or Uncle Ben Parker was in error.)

*Some names changed or omitted to protect the innocent. …Or because they renamed their blogs or appear to have gone on hiatus.

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The End (at long last! My fastidious side took way too long on this puppy!).

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