“Rivelled” or “A Fictional and Real Life Prize”

It’s Save-a-Word Saturday! It’s also the day I announce the winner of my Three Wishes Blog Blitz raffle, so we’ll start with that! Hearty congratulations to… *drum roll* …

Emerald Barnes!

Ya-a-ay, Emerald! You’ve won a lovely little package of prizes related to my upcoming novella, “The Stone Kingdom (Book Two of The Wilderhark Tales)”, and those prizes are:

– A set of three signed “Stone Kingdom” bookmarks, as drawn by the lovely Yana Naumova.

– A print of side-by-side portraits of Princess Rosalba and Edgwyn Wyle, as drawn by me.

– And one automatic entry into the raffle which shall accompany the launch of “The Stone Kingdom” on September 20th – meaning you’ll be eligible to win even more awesome stuff, including a signed paperback copy of the book!

If you’d be so good as to contact me with the address to which you’d like your goodies sent (before next Saturday, please, or I’ll pick a new name to usurp your winnings), into the mail they shall go. (:

And now, on with Save-a-Word Saturday! For any who need a reminder of/never knew what that means, here’s how it goes:

Save-a-Word Saturday

1) Create a post linking back to the hosts, The Feather and the Rose.

2) Pick an old word you want to save from extinction to feature in the post. (If you find yourself in want of options, Feather ‘n’ Rose recommended a site that may have some word-lovers drooling. Luciferous Logolepsy. Even its name is old and delicious!)

3) Provide a definition of your word, and use it in a sentence/short paragraph/mini story vaguely related to the particular week’s chosen theme.

4) Sign up properly on the host post’s linky list so participants can easily find each other and share their logophilistic joy.

5) Be a hero by sharing these retro words with the world!

I’ve been participating in the weekly fun via my Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale” Facebook page, giving myself the extra challenge/fun of relating every word I pick to my re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend, the “Outlaws of Avalon” trilogy (a.k.a. the magnum opus to be self-published after the completion of “The Wilderhark Tales”). But I figure, hey, with this week’s vignette all pre-written and ready to go, no reason I can’t post it here for the blog-inclined to see!

So, without further delay, here’s my word-saving civic duty of the day.

The theme: Maps.

The word: “Rivelled”, an adjective meaning “wrinkled”.

The Example:

Her brow creased fit to match the rivelled paper in her hands, Ellie’s gaze darted back and forth, from aforementioned paper to her surroundings and back again, all of it in vain. She was hopeless with maps. Not two minutes through the gates, and she’d already gotten herself lost.

“Your pardon, fair maiden,” a voice spoke from nearby. “Are you in need of directional assistance?”

“As a matter of fact, I—”

She ended in an abrupt squeak as she saw who stood before her – took in the bright blue eyes a compliment to garb of Lincoln green, the bow and quiver at his back, and a less underexposed version of the smile she’d had taped to her bedroom wall since her first visit here, last summer.

“Um, yes!” she forced herself to say, with or without the reliable cooperation of her stuttering heartbeat. “I, uh…” She held out her map. “Where are we?”

“We stand here, good lady,” he said (oh, that voice! That accent! British nothing, he sounded like ye olde heart of England! ), reaching to tap a finger near the paper’s lower right corner. “And whither do you wish to make your way? I find myself with some few minutes of leisure, and would gladly act as your guide, if you so desire.”

If she so desired?! Did the starving peasantry poach the King’s deer?!

“Here,” Ellie said, pointing without hesitation to the map’s upper left. She didn’t remember what was over there, and she didn’t care. She would follow Robin Hood to the very edge of the earth, if offered the chance; barring that, she’d walk with him to the far end of the Faire.

5 thoughts on ““Rivelled” or “A Fictional and Real Life Prize”

  1. Woo hoo! Thank you! I’ve sent you an email, but it was through my phone. If you don’t get the reply, let me know! I’ll be happy to re-send! I look forward to possibly winning more prizes!! 😀

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