In Which “The Seventh Spell” Goes Out Into the World! (Launch Week, Day 1)

The day long-awaited is at hand! “The Seventh Spell (Book Three of The Wilderhark Tales)” has launched!

Seventh Spell Cover, front

Get the beautiful paperback HERE and/or HERE, with a list price of just $7.99!

Get the Epub for your Nook HERE, only $2.99!

Get the Mobi for your Kindle HERE – $2.99 on its own, or (thanks to the Kindle Matchbook deal) only 99 cents if purchased along with the paperback!

Buy copies for you, for your fairytale-loving friends, to donate to your local libraries!

Facebook about it! Tweet about it! Blog about! Leave cryptic messages about it for clever spy-types to uncover – or, if you’re more into the obvious, put on a stage show about it! (Hint, hint for your next Interactive Theatre skit, Will Scarlet…)

And let the world know that NOW is the best time to buy, because each purchase earns up to 7 chances to win exclusive prizes in my “Seventh Spell” Launch Week Giveaway! Details below:

How to Enter

Everyone will be given oodles of chances to win those aforementioned, exclusive, custom-made (by moi!), totally-boss-sauce prizes by engaging in any or all of the following activities:

[Action] = [Chances to Win]

Every mention/link to the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or blog = +1 (You can do this multiple times daily. Feel free to go nuts!)

An addition of “The Seventh Spell” to your Goodreads “To Read” shelf = +1 (If you’ve already read and rated/reviewed on Goodreads, you’re covered. ^-^)

Every comment on a “Seventh Spell” Launch Week post = +3 (Launch Week means new posts almost every day, so you can really rack up the points here!)

Every purchase of an e-book copy of “The Seventh Spell” = +3

Every purchase of a paperback copy of “The Seventh Spell” = +7

Your chances to win will accumulate over the seven days of the giveaway (didn’t win the first prize? You’ve still got your rollover entries for the prizes to come, and you can continue earning more), so the sooner you jump on board, the better your odds of winning!

The Prizes

#1 = Our first winner will receive an autographed print of a portrait (drawn by me) of Millyanna (as briefly introduced on last Monday’s post).

#2 = The second winner will get an autographed print of a portrait (drawn by me) of Viralei (also introduced last Monday).

#3 = Winner number three gets an autographed print of a “Seventh Spell” scene illustration, once again drawn by me. Which scene? The winner will just have to wait and see!

#4 = Another autographed print of another “Seventh Spell” scene illustration, also drawn by me, and also a surprise. (Oh, the mystery!)

#5 = The first of the most-anticipated prizes: Seven selected chapters of the “The Seventh Spell” … with author commentary! It’s just like watching a movie with the director talking over it, except it’s to read! 😀

#6 = The most coveted prize of them all: Seven selected chapters of the “The Seventh Spell”… with CHARACTER commentary! Book One’s commentary featured Villem and Sula, Book Two’s showed off Edgwyn and Rosalba; for Book Three’s commentary, the winner gets to hear from all four. Ohhh, yes, let the fireworks fly!

Seventh Spell Proof and Me
You want proof? I’ll give you proof!

And then, of course, there’s #7 = The Epic Win of the giveaway. For the grand finale, I’ll draw three names from my designated raffle shoebox, and each of these three winners will have their pick of any one previous prize. AND, one of those three will also be selected to receive the Grand Prize Bonus – my very first paperback proof copy of “The Seventh Spell”, autographed. This is a first, guys: I’ve never parted with a proof copy of any of my Wilderhark Tales before. Hitherto, sentimentality wouldn’t allow it. But now, here it is, one-of-a-kind early uncorrected typos and half-done acknowledgments page and the Plan A back cover color choices and all. Congratulations, somebody!

Just leave a comment below letting me know which entries you’ve earned, and into the raffle your name goes. (Links providing evidence of your actions, where applicable, are not mandatory.) And once you’ve finished your read-through of the new Wilderhark Tale, do please be so kind as to leave reviews all over the place (Goodreads, Amazon and B&, your blog, if you’ve got one…) letting the world know how much you liked it.

Come back here tomorrow when the Launch Week fun continues with a post from a special guest all the way from Denebdeor. ^-^ ‘Til then, toodle-pip, and thanks for supporting “The Seventh Spell (Book Three of The Wilderhark Tales)”!

7 thoughts on “In Which “The Seventh Spell” Goes Out Into the World! (Launch Week, Day 1)

  1. Facebook plug, Commented on a Launch post, and one paperback ordered! (Textbooks hit me particularly hard this semester 😛 ) *crosses fingers*

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