A special blog post, now, for the announcement of “an organized public procession on a festive or ceremonial occasion”-related news:

            The festive occasion? Thanksgiving Day. The organized public procession? Chicago’s McDonalds Thanksgiving Parade. The reason I think this merits your particular attention? Because – I’ve lately learned – my super-awesome, dance-tastic little sister, Dianne, is going to be in the parade – twice!

            So for those of you with access to WGN (or WGN National, for non-Chicagolanders) tomorrow, starting at 8am Central, it’d be really awesome if you tuned in to see her. Here’s the gorgeous face for which to keep an eye out:

Love ya, D!

            She’s first scheduled to show up as a background dancer for The EriAm Sisters (whom you may or may not know from “America’s Got Talent”). From what I gather, that performance is supposed to be rather early in the lineup.

            She’ll be back for more near the end (sometime a little after Santa makes an appearance, she tells me), groovin’ with several members from her crew, Design Dance Company, and something about a high school and a marching band… Our communication tends to lack detail. The point is, she’ll be looking hot, because she’s Dianne.

            I’m really excited for her, and now I triply can’t wait to watch the parade! Leave a shout-out in the comments if any of you see her! 😀

Edit: Yippee-skippe, we’ve got video! The EriAm Sisters performance is here for your viewing pleasure. Everyone did a great job! …probably. I confess, the sister to which I paid most heed was mine. (:

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